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Your Staten Island Beauty Salon

Quality Spa & Skin Treatments Just Around the Corner
It’s time for the true beautiful and radiant you. At Annie’s Eyelash & Permanent Makeup Salon, our seasoned medical professionals are here to provide the care and attention you deserve. Interested in quality permanent makeup solutions or lash extensions? We provide free consultations to answer any of your questions and make sure you’re comfortable with our abilities. Discover the difference at our award-winning Staten Island med spa.

Our available skin treatments and spa experience include:

  • Eyelash extensions: At Annie Eyelash & Permanent Makeup Salon, you’ll see the difference with our quality lashes and advanced application techniques. Our technicians make beautiful and unique lashes for each of our clients by making the most use of length, texture, color, and curve. Have the lashes you really desire.
  • Permanent makeup: Ready for the look that you desire, every day? From a finished lip line, to precision eyeliner, to lovely Staten Island microblading, you can have a worry-free beauty experience each morning without the need for re-application.
  • Eyebrow tinting: A relatively fast procedure, our tinting experts can apply your desired tint to your eyebrows in as quick as 20 minutes. This service is highly sought after by many of our clients with pale or sparse eyebrows to give them that full look they want.
  • Massage: The benefits of a massage at our Staten Island beauty salon are so much more than just soothing your aching muscles. Professional massage can help your ability to focus, reduce chronic pain, and increase blood flow throughout your system.

Feel Like a Knockout

Our spa and skin treatments are engineered to make you feel amazing in a calm and professional environment. It’s time to invest in yourself—take advantage of our free consultation to decide how you want to start rewarding yourself.

Ready For a Makeover? Contact Our Staten Island Med Spa By Calling (718) 979-3568 Today!