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Staten Island Laser Treatment

Cosmetic Laser Beauty Techniques
Interested in the precision beauty that laser skin and hair treatments can provide? At our Staten Island med spa, you can enjoy safe and effective laser techniques to rejuvenate your skin and return it to a healthier look. Effective laser skin treatments can reduce the effects of aging, wear from the sun, as well as some skin disorders. At Annie Eyelash & Permanent Makeup Salon, our laser technicians are highly trained in a variety of services that can diminish the appearance of skin imperfections as well as return a healthier look to your face. Make an appointment for a free consultation at our convenient location today!

Our Laser Services

When you contact us for your consultation, our technicians will evaluate your skin to help you determine the best treatment. First and foremost, we are cosmetic professionals who want to get you the look and feel you desire. Some techniques work best with different skin types, and we can educate you about realistic expectations based on your skin. Have a look at our available services below then contact us with any questions!

Our available cosmetic and laser treatments include:

  • Micro laser peel: For the outdoors, on-the-go type who want to feel refreshed without missing a step, the micro laser peel or “weekend” skin peel is unparalleled. This laser procedure is well suited to individuals with an active lifestyle and the aged skin that goes along with it.
  • Laser photo facial: The laser photo facial is a powerful method of reversing the signs of aging. The years of sun exposure in a healthy life can lead to sunspots and uneven darkening in skin. Effective laser photo facial treatment can return the face’s skin to a beautiful photo finish.
  • Laser hair removal: Want to be free from undesirable hair at your bikini line, on your face, legs, back, or chest? Precision laser hair removal at our Staten Island beauty salon is safe and effective.
  • Laser skin rejuvenation: Available for many body areas, the benefits of laser skin rejuvenation are significant for anyone with wrinkles, acne scarring, or sun damaged skin. The laser stimulates new collagen growth, shrinking lines and wrinkles as new collagen develops.
  • Laser acne & acne scar treatments: Taking as little as 20-30 minutes, laser acne and acne scar treatments can directly target the sebaceous glands and scarring without impacting the surrounding tissue. Candidates for this treatment can come from all ages.

It’s Time To Treat Yourself! Call (718) 979-3568 For Your Appointment.